Sunday, May 18, 2014

An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines
by: John Green

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you are a John Green fan already.
Category: Young Adult

This book took me a little while to get through. It is about Colin, who I picture as a Seth Cohen from The OC kind of character - nerdy, but cute. Colin is basically a genius - child prodigy. He has just been dumped by the 19th Katherine that he has ever dated. He goes on a road trip with his friend Hassan and they end up in Gutshot, Tennessee. It's all about his focus on proving The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability which would predict the outcome of a relationship before it even begins. I know, it sounds weird, and honestly it ends up kinda being as weird as it sounds. I read it because I had read 2 other John Green books this year and loved them. This was not my favorite John Green book and I definitely wouldn't recommend starting with it, but at the end, it had the same elements that I have come to appreciate about John Green books.

Things I liked
Again, I love John Green's characters. He just writes these really quirky, lovable, real characters that I instantly fall in love with as people. I just want to hang out with all of them.

I love the overall lessons and themes that his books end up having. This one is exploring our need to "matter" and just learning to overcome a breakup.

I loved Hassan. I thought he was hilarious and the relationship between Colin and Hassan was really fun for me.

Things I didn't
I just didn't connect with the Theorem and the exploration of it. It actually took me more than 2/3 of the book before I was actually like "oh this just got really good." I'm not sure exactly what it was, but I just wasn't sucked in the way I was with my first 2 John Green books. That being said, I have Looking for Alaska on hold at my library, so this in no way turned me off to John Green. Actually, it made me love him even more because I read a book of his that I didn't enjoy immensely, but I still saw those things that are characteristic of John Green and I absolutely loved those aspects of it, even if I didn't love the book overall.

Overall: If you like John Green, you'll like this, but it won't be your favorite.

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