Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prom & Prejudice

Prom and Prejudice
by: Elizabeth Eulberg

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like retellings and are okay with fluff & no real substance.
Category: Young adult

This is another modern retelling. After Falling for Hamlet, I guess I was in the mood! It's a retelling of Pride & Prejudice, but I'm really hoping you already got that. It was cute. It's set in an upper class private academy where Lizzie Bennet is now a scholarship student at Longbourn Academy and Will Darcy is a reserved, pompous rich-kid at the boy's Pemberley Academy. Rather than vying for husbands, the girls are vying for prom dates. It was definitely cute and fun. I enjoyed seeing how she wrote the different characters and how it all went together, but in comparison to Falling for Hamlet, it just wasn't up to par. I am going to continue with this retelling genre in the future, though! I really enjoy it!

Things I liked
Again, the retelling aspect is fun, even if it's not the best version.

I again liked Will Darcy, but I always have been a sucker for Mr. Darcy in the original.

Things I didn't
I just couldn't get on board with the prom aspect of it. I guess that just isn't where I'm at in life and while I do enjoy young adult books, some aspects of them can be way off my radar. I just don't care if these girls go to prom or not.

Overall: Cute & fun, but you could find something better.

Book 34 of 50

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