Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Art Forger

The Art Forger
by: B.A. Shapiro

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like mysteries and/or art and/or history. Really any one of the 3 would get you into it enough to enjoy it!
Category: Adult

This book was actually really good! I enjoyed the mystery aspect of it. It's about a woman who is a painter and her job is to do reproductions of famous paintings for a website called She is asked to do a reproduction of a famous painting and when she is investigating the famous painting, she actually starts to believe that it is a forgery itself! So it was really interesting! I don't know much about art or paintings, but I still was able to get into it! I definitely recommend this one. Again, not my absolute favorite, but it's great writing & great characters & definitely one of the better books I've read.

Things I liked
Loved the mystery aspect! It made me want to visit the Louvre or something and just get really into traditional paintings. Following the clues and backtracking through the history of famous artists was really fun for me!

The writing is very good. It isn't cheesy or rushed. It was clearly well thought out and well researched.

Things I didn't
I could've used a little more love story, but that's just a personal preference and shouldn't have any bearing on the quality of the writing.

Overall: Great writing, great book, great story.

Book 7 of 50

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