Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Luxe & Rumors

I'm backtracking a little bit here. I have been working on my 50 in 2014 challenge that I set for myself. It ended up inspiring me to start this blog and as a result I have to backtrack in order to include reviews for all these books! So here are the first 2, which were actually read in 2013, but I didn't mean to finish them in 2013. I started The Luxe at the end of December and I thought I'd finish it in 2014, but instead I finished the first 2 books in the series in 3 days.

The Luxe Series
Should you read it?:Yes
Category: Young Adult

The Luxe is basically Gossip Girl, but set in 1899. So if you are at all interested in Gossip Girl, or the lifestyles of the rich & fabulous back when girls wore beautiful dresses like those on the cover, then this book is for you. It has drama, romance, forbidden love, family struggles, money, social climbing, etc. I was really impressed by how quickly I was drawn into it.

The rest of the series includes Rumors, Envy and Splendor. I didn't enjoy any of them as much as The Luxe, but I did enjoy them. The sequels just rarely measure up to the original. I will say, without any spoilers, that I enjoyed the end of this series. It has strong female characters and I enjoyed the way Diana's story ends. I felt like it was a strong example for girls. It'd be a great summer series to read. Light, enjoyable and fun!

Things I liked
Loved the time period. This book takes place in 1899, set back with beautiful dresses and charm. If only people still followed some of those guides of etiquette.

Loved the characters, especially Henry Schoonmaker. I will admit I am a sucker for the bad guy gone good story line in most books and this doesn't disappoint on that front. I enjoyed the different aspects of life at this time. You have the old-money Holland sisters, the new money Penelope Hayes, and the working class like Lina and Will. I enjoyed seeing how this all unfolded.

Things I didn't
There were definitely parts of the series as a whole that I could have done without. I didn't like the character of Lina Broud and I really could've done without most of her storyline, although that may have significantly shortened the series.

Overall: Definitely worth picking up.

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