Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project
by: Graeme Simsion

Should you read it?: Yes
Category: Adult

The Rosie Project had a very different narrator than any other story I've read before! I'm reading a lot of those lately! See my post on The One and Only Ivan, where the narrator is a gorilla, and then I'm currently reading The Book Thief, where the narrator is Death. So this book is narrated by Don Tillman. The way he is described in the book's description is "a brilliant yet socially challenged professor of genetics who has decided it's time he found a wife." It sounds kinda weird, but if you watch Big Bang Theory, you will immediately identify with him as someone similar to Sheldon Cooper, except with a little more flexibility and understanding of appropriate social cues, even if he doesn't always follow them. Maybe I loved this because I love Sheldon on Big Bang so much, I'm not sure, but I just found the whole story so endearing! He decided to take a wife and then created a questionnaire to use to eliminate people who just aren't compatible. The process of finding a wife and in the middle of developing this friendship with Rosie, who doesn't fit anything he's looking for in a wife, is just so fun and adorable. I really enjoyed it. I can't say enough about it. I loved seeing the world through Don's eyes for a while and I found him just really funny! I laughed out loud when Rosie takes him on an impromptu drive to the coast in a convertible and he just starts telling you that he's going to enter that pattern of thinking that he only uses when he's at the dentist. I just found all of his little quirks to be so funny. I really loved this and I think you will, too - whoever you are!!

Things I liked
Don Tillman was definitely one of my favorite characters in any of the books I've read! He was quirky, funny, intelligent, and getting into his head as I read this story was so enjoyable for me!

I loved the relationship between Don and Rosie. It was a great demonstration of how opposites attract.

Things I didn't
Honestly I just wish there were sequels. I'd love to read more of Don & Rosie's story!

Overall: Amazing story with an amazing narrator.

Book 13 of 50

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