Sunday, June 22, 2014

Favorite Books for Girls

First of all, I have to share the website A Mighty Girl, because it is where I found most of my great girl books for my kids! I quickly realized that I have really girly girls and they love all things pink and princesses, no matter what I may have done to prevent this. So I had to learn to embrace those things with them, but I still wanted them to understand their strength and independence and to read books that had great, strong female characters! So here are a few I found that I love!

Picture Books:

Tea for Ruby
by: Sarah Ferguson

This one is written by Fergie, of royal fame, and it's an adorable story about a little girl excited to meet the queen! It's all about manners and it's just really cute and the illustrations are beautiful!!

by: Victoria Kann

We love all the Pinkalicious books in our house! We have Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Emeraldalicious & several of the holiday ones. Pinkalicious is so cute and I love how the books have something to do with her individuality and learning to be herself.

Princess in Training
by: Tammi Sauer & Joe Berger

Another great book about a girl who doesn't fit the mold and that's okay! I love a strong princess character!

The Princess and the Pizza
by: Mary Jane Auch & Herm Auch

Yet again, princesses don't have to be pushovers! I love that this one has some of the traditional princesses from fairy tales, but then you've got the main character who just pushes through & is an individual. Such a great role model for girls.

The Paper Bag Princess
by: Robert Munsch

I feel like this was just the original rock-it-out princess story. Just the absolute quint-essential "I don't need a stupid prince" kind of story. Love it!

Lovabye Dragon
by: Barbara Joosse

This girl isn't scared of a dragon! She longs for a dragon! Seriously adorable.

by: Kevin Henkes

As someone who names their kids unique names, I absolutely love this story about a little mouse with a fancy name who learns to love who she is! Kevin Henkes just can do no wrong in my opinion.

by: Patrick McDonnell

I read this book for my grad school children's literature class and I loved it so much. Such a great story about Jane Goodall and a great way for kids to see that the things they love and dream about as a child can come true.

Princesses are Not Quitters
by: Kate Lum

I love these princesses! They do not just sit back and do nothing. They work hard and they do not quit! It's such a great message for girls. I also love Princesses are Not Perfect by the same author. Again, just a great message.

Middle Grade:

Three Times Lucky
by: Sheila Turnage

This is a murder mystery that somehow works perfectly for 3rd grade or older. I loved it and a lot of my students have loved it as well! The main character, Mo, is an adorable, spunky little girl who makes a perfect main character. (I posted a review of this one before.)

Turtle in Paradise
by: Jennifer L. Holm

This has another main character who is strong and individual. Her name is Turtle and she moves to Key West, FL to live with her aunt and cousins because her mom has a job she can't bring Turtle to. It takes place during the Great Depression, so it's also a great historical fiction book for children. Again, it's for probably 3rd/4th grade or up. (This was also reviewed on the post with Three Times Lucky.)

The Mighty Miss Malone
by: Christopher Paul Curtis

This one I actually haven't read yet, but I'm planning to read it this summer. Several of my girls in my class this year read it, though, and they just adored it. They were all telling me how I have to read it, which is why it's on my to-read list! 

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