Monday, June 30, 2014

Movie Monday: The Selection Series

I've decided to start a Movie Monday series where I share my favorite characters in books, as I see them in my head. Now, just as a disclaimer before we begin, I can't control exactly what comes into my head. I follow the descriptions in the books, but you know how sometimes you just have this person in your head no matter what they may say. They could say they have black hair that's swoopy and for whatever reason that means you're picturing Harry Styles even though he doesn't have black hair. Well, that's me. I just go with what comes in my head.

First up, The Selection. I loved this series. It's not the most intellectually stimulating series, but it's incredibly enjoyable and would make a really fun movie in my opinion! There are a lot of characters, so I'm really just doing the main 3 because that's where my focus was.

America Singer is the main character. She has fiery red hair and blue eyes. She describes herself as not being as attractive as the other girls in the Selection, but others don't agree. I picture her like this...

Maxon Schreave is the Prince of Illea and one of America's love interests. He is described as having short, honey-blonde hair and brown eyes. America describes him as handsome. I picture him like this...

Finally, Aspen Leger is America's best friend and boyfriend from back home. He is described as "the most attractive guy in town." He has dark hair and green eyes. I picture him like this...

So, those of you who have read The Selection - do you agree? If not, who were you picturing?? I would love to compare!


  1. I agree! They are so handsome. But I like the cover model more as America Singer -- Audrey Hollister. :)

  2. By the way, who is that model of Maxon?