Sunday, June 22, 2014

Reading Rundown

First of all, I have apparently just been in this summer romance kind of mood since summer started! That's all I've been reading. So don't pigeon-hole me into that genre. It's just where I'm at right now. 
by: Suzannah Daniels

Should you read it?: No 
Category: Young Adult

This was a free book on Amazon and it was alright, but just not really anything special. I think it's a series, but I won't be reading any more of them. I just didn't really care about the characters really.

Book 45 of 50

Fallen Too Far
by: Abbi Glines

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you don't mind explicit romance scenes. 
Category: New Adult/Adult

This story was good and I read the entire thing in 1 sitting so it was an easy read. It's New Adult, although I think it's more adult in my opinion. This one actually has more explicit sex scenes than I'm really into. I can definitely understand how people would really love Abbi Glines if they're okay with all of that because the relationships & characters were easy to get into it, but it just wasn't for me.

Book 46 of 50

Finding Cinderella
by: Colleen Hoover

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like Colleen Hoover & read Hopeless 
Category: New Adult

Colleen Hoover is quickly becoming one of my favorites. This is a novella that goes along with Hopeless and Losing Hope. I haven't read Losing Hope yet, but I will! I loved this one! It was really cute!

Book 47 of 50

Fallen Crest High & Fallen Crest Family
by: Tijan

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like Beautiful Disaster, Colleen Hoover, or anything else in that genre.
Category: New Adult (although it's about high schoolers)

Fallen Crest High came as a part of a $0.99 e-book that I got on Kindle that actually had 10 books in it. I looked up reviews & everyone talked about this one in particular as their favorite, so I read it. It's a quick & easy read and it's got the whole bad boy/good girl thing again, which is my favorite theme. It does have some explicit scenes in it, but not as bad as some, so it's doable for me. I will say that I find it extremely unrealistic that the things happening in this book would happen to a high schooler, but whatever. It's fiction. I actually bought Fallen Crest Family & Fallen Crest Public later after reading Fallen Crest High because I just kept thinking about Mason & Samantha! So I wanted to continue their story. I think there will be a 4th one as well.

Book 48 & 49 of 50

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