Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction
by: Simone Elkeles

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like young adult books and/or bad boy/good girl storylines.
Category: Young Adult

This is the 2nd book in the Perfect Chemistry series. I read Perfect Chemistry about a year ago and I loved it. It's just a young adult book about a Mexican kid, Alex Fuentes, living in Chicago, who falls for a white, blonde girl from his high school. He is in a gang and he has to get out and it's just this whole overcoming your bad-ness kind of thing. Which sounds kinda dumb or cheesy, but it works.

Rules of Attraction is about Carlos Fuentes, Alex's brother, who comes to live with Alex after he gets into some trouble at home in Mexico. Carlos meets a girl at his new high school and again it's a similar sort of bad guy/good girl story and the gang trouble is back, but I still enjoyed it.

Things I liked:
I like the Fuentes brothers. I'm looking forward to reading Chain Reaction, about the 3rd brother, Luis Fuentes.

I always like a bad guy/good girl story. I just love when bad guys change their ways! I am a sucker for that.

It is an easy, quick read - which in my mind is a good read. It may not be literature that will go down in history as award-winning or anything, but I read it super fast, which means I enjoyed it a lot.

Things I didn't:
This book has more profanity than other young adult books I've read. It's probably the whole gang idea, so I guess it does fit with the surroundings, but I still just don't love that. (Also as a parent disclaimer, it has a little more sexiness than more young adult books as well, but it's still definitely a young adult book - not new adult or adult.)

Overall: It's a fun bad guy/good girl love story!

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