Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility
by: Katja Millay

Should you read it?: Yes
Category: Young Adult

This book was so good. Oh my gosh. It's about a girl, Nastya, who moves in with her aunt a couple of years after a tragedy, and starts attending a new school. She meets a boy named Josh who seems to have just as many issues as she does. It follows their friendship and relationship and her story as she works through what happened to her. I just really really loved it. It was beautifully written and the story unfolded really well. I was completely sucked into it.

Things I liked:
The relationship between Nastya and Josh unfolded slowly, but in a way that completely kept me hooked. It felt real and it didn't feel rushed, but it was still completely entertaining. I believed it.

I also loved the friendship between Josh and Drew. Their friendship was just a highlight of the book for me. You don't often see the best guy friends in a way that has some substance to it.

I thought they did a great job of dealing with the things that had happened to Nastya and Josh. The author worked through those things with honesty and raw emotion, but also just naturally and with the appropriate amount of complexity. I just felt like nothing in this book was rushed, but it also didn't feel like it was drawn out.

I also loved the ending. I wondered how they would wrap it all up and what would happen, and it just didn't disappoint. I felt really satisfied with the way it ended. Overall it was just a really enjoyable read for me.

Things I didn't:
Honestly I can't think of anything I didn't like about this book....

Overall: A beautiful, complex and honest look at finding love and overcoming tragedy in our lives.

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