Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wild Cards

Wild Cards
by: Simone Elkeles

Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like Simone Elkeles & young adult romance.
Category: Young Adult

This one was cool because it's about a female football player & her sister's stepson. Just drama all around, I guess. Again, it was another one that didn't knock my socks off, but it was interesting and enjoyable. Simone Elkeles wrote the Perfect Chemistry series, which I liked, and similar to that one, I read this one quickly and enjoyed all of it, but can't exactly tell you why.

Things I liked:
I really liked the idea of a female football player. That's cool. It's just definitely a different role for girls than most young adult romance. I liked how she played football & everything that would require of her, but at the same time, she was still very much a girl. It was just well done on that front.

I liked the relationship Ashtyn had with her other teammates. It was genuine & respectful, but also protective. It was just fun. Overall the football aspect of this was cool for me.

Things I didn't:
Again, on the football side of things, it's not a football book. There's very little game play or specifics about the sport itself. It's more just about the girl that plays and less about football itself. So I could see how people wouldn't really be on board with that. For one, there's very little evidence that she's actually good at what she's doing except what she says about herself.

I just thought some of it was a little cliche. Derek was supposed to be a bad boy or something, but he's kicked out of his private school for a dumb reason and then spends the rest of the book being nothing but respectful to most everybody. I just feel like they tried to pigeon-hole some character dynamics without giving it much substance to back up the characteristic.

The last thing I didn't like - and this is me just being picky - but I hated the subtitle or catch-phrase or whatever on the cover. Under the title it says "Love is the toughest game of all." Gag me. That's stupid.

Overall: It was enjoyable, but not the best.

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