Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Eversea & Forever, Jack

Eversea & Forever, Jack
by: Natasha Boyd

Should You Read Them?: Maybe
...if you think you'd like a little more steamy Nicholas Sparks book.
Category: New Adult

From Amazon (Eversea): An orphaned, small-town, southern girl, held hostage by responsibility and self-doubt. A Hollywood A-list mega-star, on the run from his latest scandal and with everything to lose. A chance encounter that leads to an unlikely arrangement and epic love affair that will change them both forever.

Things I Liked: 
For one, I liked that it really did remind me of a Nicholas Sparks book. It takes place near Hilton Head on the beach. I loved that setting and the small town feel of the whole thing.

I am always kind-of intrigued by the big time guys or girls who sweep in for the other person, whether that's a Hollywood star or a billionaire. I did like that this one explored a lot of the reasons why the other person wouldn't want a relationship with that kind of publicity. It was a more realistic take in my opinion.

I liked Keri Ann's independence, even if it did at times annoy me to death. I respected that about her.

Things I Didn't:
Maybe I'm super naive, but I can't imagine that Hollywood is really like what it was depicted as in this - that people would have contracts that require them to stay in a relationship with someone. Is that just me?? It seemed crazy.

I am always super frustrated when someone says they are in love with someone after like 2 weeks. Ridiculous. Somehow I still held on, though to finish both books, so take that for whatever it must mean about them as a whole.

Keri Ann's independence, while totally respectable, also bugged the snot out of me toward the end. Just let it go.

Overall: I liked the 2nd one better than the first, so take them as a set if you're going to read them.

Finished on June 1 & 3, 2015
Book 40 and 42 for 2015

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