Monday, June 1, 2015

Reading Rundown

Catching up before summer, I thought it was time for a little reading rundown. These are all the ones I've read, but haven't really said enough about yet on the blog. I normally read the most in June-August, so I wanted to do a little review-dump. I've organized them a little to help.

Beauty from Pain series 
by Georgia Cates
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you can deal with some pretty steamy scenes.
I enjoyed these, but they were pretty steamy. I wouldn't recommend them to everyone, but they were okay. I definitely liked the first 2 more than the 3rd one. I felt like by the 3rd one, they were just creating drama out of nowhere. It wasn't my favorite. But I did like how the character's stories ended up.

Marked Men series 
by Jay Crownover
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you're okay with tattoos & piercings.
These each focus on a different guy in the same friend group. Those kinds of books are usually hit or miss for me in terms of whether or not they can keep my attention through the whole thing. This one did a great job of keeping me engaged the entire time! I loved every single book just as much as all the others, which is truly rare for me. I really enjoyed the characters. I feel like I would hang out with them in real life. They were dynamic and interesting, but again this series is pretty steamy, so I don't recommend it to everyone. Most of the guys - and girls for that matter - are tattooed & pierced & there is some talk about that. Doesn't bother me, but I could see some of my friends not loving it.

Young Adult
My Life Next Door & What I Thought Was True 
by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Should you read it: My Life Next Door - Yes; What I Thought Was True: Maybe...
These are 2 separate standalones, but they're written by the same author. I read My Life Next Door first and I loved it. It's by far my favorite of the two, but I still enjoyed the other as well. I will definitely be on the lookout for more Huntley Fitzpatrick books. They remind me a lot of Kasie West books and I mean that in a really good way.

Love, Lucy 
by April Lindner
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you're looking for a cute travel story or something easy to read on the beach.
This is just a cute story about a girl spending her summer in Europe and meeting another American guy doing the same. It was fun, cute, a great beach read.

On the Edge 
by Allison van Diepen
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you liked the Perfect Chemistry series.
This reminded me a LOT of the Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles. It's another gang-related kind of thing. Seemingly bad guy with a good heart & a good girl. I liked it. Not my absolute favorite, but if you enjoyed the Perfect Chemistry series, you'd like this. (If you haven't read the Perfect Chemistry series, pick it up, too & just give all of them a try!)

Pivot Point 
by Kasie West
Should you read it: Maybe...
...actually, it's a probably, because Kasie West is great.
All the Kasie West books I've read so far have been contemporary young adult romance. This was still a contemporary romance, but with a paranormal kind of twist where the girl has the ability to search out what will happen in her future based on two different choices she could make. It centers around her following 2 possible choices and you get to see both sides throughout the story. I really liked it a lot & I'm looking forward to reading the second one!

Never Never: Part Two 
by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher
Should you read it: Yes, so fun.
This was the second novella in the novella series. It was just as good as the first. You got a little more info, but were still left with so many questions!! I cannot wait for the next one!!! It's a mystery/suspense one, so definitely a fun one.

New Adult
The Deal 
by Elle Kennedy
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you're just looking for another New Adult book to pass the time.
This one was pretty good. I am still debating whether or not I will read another in the series as it's one that follows a different character with the next book.

Last Will and Testament 
by Dahlia Adler
Should you read it: No 
I just think there's so many better ones than this.
I just can't decide how I feel about this one. It was okay, had a LOT of typos, which is always so frustrating to me, but sometimes I can get past it if I'm engaged with the story enough. I could not get past it in this one. I also felt that some of the drama was just created for no reason, it didn't flow well. But I liked the end & the resolution of it all. I'm just not sure.

When I'm Gone 
by Abbi Glines
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you've read the other Rosemary Beach books.
So last summer, I read my first Abbi Glines book & I just wasn't sure about it. I've read a lot since then and while none of them are just my favorites, I do read all of them super quickly & I always get fairly sucked into the characters. I may have to try the Sea Breeze books again since I'm just making my way through these Rosemary Beach ones.

The Longest Ride 
by Nicholas Sparks
Should you read it: Maybe...
...if you like Nicholas Sparks in general.

This was just as good as all the other Nicholas Sparks books, and I mean that in both a good and bad way. I enjoy all of his, but I couldn't read them really close together. I enjoy the fact that there is always a good year or so in between the time I read another one because they're all very similar. Good, but similar. The Notebook as the only one I'd probably consider really great.

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