Monday, June 15, 2015

Reading Rundown

Summer is here & I'm blowing through some books!!! So here's a bunch I've read lately.

The Truth About Us
by: Janet Gurtler
Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like coming of age Young Adult.
Category: Young Adult

I loved that this is a different kind of take on the opposites attract idea. The girl is the one getting into trouble and the guy is really good. They meet at a shelter that provides free food & the girl is volunteering (as required by her dad) while the guy is there to get meals. It was definitely a little more unique than a lot of young adult I've read. I definitely enjoyed it.

Finished on June 6, 2015
Book 43 for 2015

Beautiful Sacrifice
by: Jamie McGuire
Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you've read the other Maddox Brothers books.
Category: New Adult

This is the newest Maddox Brothers book by Jamie McGuire. The series started with Beautiful Disaster and so far none of the others even hold a candle to how good that one was, but I still enjoy them all. This one was about Taylor Maddox - one of the twins. There was also plenty of hinting at Tyler Maddox's story, so she better finish it all up with his!! I will say that at this point, I feel super protective of those Maddox boys. I just love them and in this one, I wasn't quite as all about the female lead as I was in other books because I just wasn't sure she was good enough for him. But it was still super enjoyable.

Finished on June 8, 2015
Book 44 for 2015

Trouble From the Start
by: Rachel Hawthorne
Should you read it?: Maybe
...if you like good girl/bad guy Young Adult.
Category: Young Adult

This was another young adult romance. I enjoyed it, especially the fact that the heroine isn't your typical girl. She's over 6 feet tall & she's very inexperienced in terms of dating. I liked that she was inexperienced, but also not just trying to throw caution to the wind and "explore." She was definitely somebody I respected. I enjoyed this one as well. It was a great, quick summer read.

Finished on June 9, 2015
Book 45 for 2015

Love Story
by: Jennifer Echols
Should you read it?: Yes
Category: Young Adult

Okay, this book. I have thought and thought about what all I want to say about this, but I've decided that less is more. I will say that this cemented the fact that I will be reading as many Jennifer Echols books as I can get my hands on. I loved her character development. I loved the relationship development. I LOVED the fact that the whole premise of this was so different than anything I had read before. She writes young adult, but there was a deeper side to it that was really interesting for me. I am so interested to read more of hers!! If you like young adult, read this.

Finished on June 10, 2015
Book 46 for 2015

Bad Romeo & Broken Juliet
by: Leisa Rayven
Should you read it?: Yes
Category: New Adult

OH MY GOSH. I finished these SO fast. My friend Jennifer had warned me that there is a cliffhanger in the first one that will just kill you and I didn't heed her advice. I finished it at 12:30am and immediately purchased the 2nd on my Kindle and read for another hour. I liked the as much as, if not more than the first! They're just so so good. Now, they're pretty steamy and definitely have quite a bit of language, but as far as character development, interesting/unique storylines and major tension, these are definitely on top of it. If you like New Adult at all, you will LOVE these.

Finished both on June 12, 2015 (finished the first at 12:30am and then finished the 2nd one about 11:00pm that night!)
Book 47 and 48 for 2015

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